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My name is Bill Mitchell, and I am the owner of Mitchell Classics. I love cars and motorcycles. After I retired from my previous career, I decided to do something that I’d wanted to do for a long time, and that was to buy and sell classic cars and motorcycles. I look for and buy the cars and motorcycles that I’ve always wanted and those that I’ve come to want while searching. The vehicles must be ones that I would love to own in my collection. My collection consists of cars and cycles that I take out for drives regularly and enjoy. I don’t buy anything just because it’s a good buy. It has to be something that truly inspires me. The term Classic is defined by me as anything that I really want. Some of the vehicles are antique, while some of them are almost brand new. I decided that rather than just develop a collection of autos and cycles to keep, I would offer everything I obtained for sale. I reasoned that in that way I could have the experience of owning many more vehicles than if I just developed a collection. However, if a vehicle doesn’t sell at what I consider a reasonable price, I won’t hesitate to add it to a permanent collection. After I retired, I built an 8,000 square foot garage to house Mitchell Classics. It is designed just for that purpose. I have the capability to do restoration and upkeep work on the vehicles I obtain. The building is climate controlled to keep the bikes and autos in their best condition. My intention is to offer the vehicles at competitive prices based on obtaining a small but reasonable profit in order to fund my business. I want to enjoy this business and hope to help others obtain the vehicles that they have been dreaming about. I will treat my customers just like I want to be treated when I consider the purchase of a bike or car. I will truthfully describe the vehicle, treat each customer with respect and sincerely try to provide them with a good buying experience. I stand behind the vehicles that I sell. I guarantee that

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